Review: Star Wars 3.75 Inch Force Link 2.0 Darth Maul & Qui-gon Jinn

Hello Hero Club, this is Darkon633 and I am back with another review. The Force Link 2.0 Darth Maul & Qui-gon 2 pack in the Solo: A Star Wars Story toyline is a mixed bag in my opinion. The designs themselves may have looked good on paper, however I personally think the execution wasn’t the best. Darth Maul is clearly the weaker of the two figures even though I do like the variety of accessories it includes. The figure itself isn’t the best mold we have received in the 3.75 Inch scale especially since the elbow swivels just make it look very awkward.

The Qui-gon figure is actually decent in my opinion and could have been pretty great if it had more articulation. While there are several super articulated figures of the character, I personally think the sculpt is much better this time compared to previous releases so if Hasbro decided to release a figure with a design closer to this one in the Vintage Collection 2.0 I think it would work out well. In conclusion, I think this is a good set if you don’t have any previous versions of the characters included, however it is an easy pass if you already own better versions of both characters. I got this two pack on

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