Review: Star Wars 40th Anniversary 6 Inch Black Series R5-D4

Hello Hero Club this is Darkon633 and I am back with another toy review.  Today we will be looking at the Gamestop exclusive Star Wars 40th Anniversary 6 Inch Black Series R5-D4. It is stunning how many of the exclusive Star Wars figures (outside of the Target releases) are pretty much a luck of the draw.  At first I thought that this release wouldn’t be as hard as it was since it stayed in stock on Gamestop’s website for preorder for a decent amount of time. It is a shame how this was handled since the 6 Inch Black Series 40th Anniversary R5-D4 is quite an amazing figure. Being an astromech droid there isn’t a whole look of bells of whistles, however what makes the figure shine is really in it’s paint scheme. Overall I personally think that this figure is a much better release than R2-D2, which helps since it is about $2 more with no accessories.  In conclusion if you are fan of Astromech Droids than I highly recommend tracking one down if possible. I got this figure from my local Gamestop.

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