Review: Star Wars Force Link Star Wars Return of the Jedi Battle 3 Pack

Hello Hero Club, this is Darkon633 and I am back with another toy review. The Star Wars Force Link Star Wars Return of the Jedi Battle 3 Pack is kind of a mixed bag in my opinion. While it may seem like an overall good deal since it retails for $24.99 I feel as though the other two figures in the set aren’t as good as the currently exclusive Emperor figure.

The Royal Guard is a nice figure although it isn’t ground breaking especially when compared to the Black Series 3.75 Inch/ Vintage Collection releases. Luke Skywalker is a decent figure although the “action pose” really hurts it since it makes it quite unbalanced in many ways. It is nice that the figure features wrists joints, although it doesn’t really help the overall impression of the figure.

The Emperor is definitely the best part of this set, which is great since there hasn’t been that many overall good Emperor figures made so far. The lightning effect hands work really great and it is nice to see that the figure also features wrist joints. In conclusion I still think the set is still worth it for the Emperor alone and the Royal Guard is a nice figure to get from this set as well. I got this set from

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