Review: Super Mini-Pla Goshin Gattai Kakure Daishogun & Tsubasamaru Set

Whether it is “Hidden Style: Super Ninja Beast Jutsu!” or “We need Ninjazord power now!” this Super Mini-Pla set is going to meet fan expectations! First off, this Super Mini-Pla set features all five parts that form Kakure Daishogun/ Ninja Megazord, as well as it is sold alongside Tsubasamaru/ Ninja Falconzord. Secondly, with these two of the Three God Generals together their box art is double billed, having the same vintage homage like Muteki Shogun. The build while not shown is actually seems easier than previous Super Mini-Pla releases. Once constructed the Super Ninja Beasts and Tsubasamaru feature several points of articulation. In addition, Saruder/ Ninja Apezord features his dual sabers. Whereas, Tsubasamaru can combine with either Kakure Daishogun or Muteki Shogun to unlock their “Super” form. Then as for the actual combination of Kakure Daishogun, it is simply incredible due to its wide range of articulation, which can only be fully seen within the review…

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