Review: Super Mini-Pla Gridman the Hyper Agent Set

It is time to “Access Flash!” with Bandai’s Super Mini-Pla release for Tsuburaya Productions’ Gridman the Hyper Agent! However, North American fans should recognize the character due to DIC Entertainment’s adaptation as Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad. Now, the Super Mini-Pla set encompasses our hero Gridman alongside his support vehicles: Thunder Jet, Twin Driller and God Tank. With the inclusion of the support vehicles they can combine together to form the support mecha, God Zenon, or with Gridman to become Thunder Gridman. Furthermore, Gridman features optional parts for display purposes like additional hands, and his signature weapons. Overall, the set features and contains a lot of things to do however, is this modern day model kit better than the original DX Takara toy or the American Playmates release? To find out that answer please watch the entire review…

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