Review: The Immortal Men #1

Comic Credits
Jim Lee, Ryan Benjamin, and James Tynion IV: Writers
Scott Williams & Richard Friend: Inkers
Jeremiah Skipper & Alex Sinclair: Colorist
Carlos M Mangual: Letterer
Lee, Williams, and Sinclair: Cover Art
Jessica Chen : Associate Editor
Katie Kubert: Editor
Jamie S. Rich: Group Editor


I went into The Immortal Men completely blind, and I have to say that the writing crew does a great job at establishing what is going on with this new character, Caden. I have to say I love the bit of mystery that is going on with Caden; as someone who went into this not knowing anything about what this series is going to be about, I found the hook strong enough for me to check out the next issue.


Caden currently is seeing different events happening. We do not know whether it is his super power, or some other things at play. All we know is Caden is a normal kid who is trying to make it through high school, and now is having visions of another plane. Throughout the issue readers see that no one really believes he has powers, that it is all in his mind, and it was nice seeing that turmoil. While the comic progresses, readers get some more information about what is going on. I will say that I was a bit confused, as to the villains that are present in this issue. Now, I do believe if I have read the recent DC Metal event I would have a better understanding of the current situation.


With that said, I still understand the issue. We are following Caden’s journey and I am certain that other things will be explained in due time as the story progresses. I will be patient and hope to get some more answers. That said let us talk about Scott Williams and Richard Friend, both of them do a great job when it comes to inking. Adding on the colors by Jeremiah Skipper and Alex Sinclair it is a great treat; the body language and facial expressions shown throughout the issue are solid and convey what is going on. Finally, the action scenes we have all are framed well and easy to follow which is an added plus.


In terms of lettering Carlos did a perfect job, along with editors Jessica Chen, Katie Kubert, and Jamie S. Rich. They do a good job in keeping this first issue accessible. Even though I personally feel like I need to read some more of the backstory. If readers are going in blind it is pretty straight forward story wise, so new readers can read this without coming out of it being confused. I do believe the thing this book does is get me interested in reading the next issue. That is always a plus when it comes to reading a new comic series. Final thoughts, I would recommend picking up The Immortal Men. I feel as though this will be a concept that will pay off in the long run if readers stick with the book.


Final grade: 4 out of 5 Heroes!

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