Review: Transfomers Titan Returns Legends Class Gnaw

Hello Hero Club, this is Darkon633 and I am back with another toy review.  Today we will be looking at Transformers Legends Class Gnaw in the Titan Returns line. It is amazing how long to see any new version of Gnaw being made in any form.  Ever since his introduction the original G1 toyline it seems as though Hasbro has strayed away from the character for all these years so it is great to see that the character gets an updated form in the Titan Returns line.  While the figure itself is in the small side, I personally think it benefits the character since it is an army builder so it should theoretically should be easier to get (distribution aside.  Both modes really capture the design although I am personally not too much of a fan of how the knees work in robot mode.  In conclusion I personally think this is a really well made figure and I highly recommend this to fans of the character.  I got this from BBTS.

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