Review: Transfomers Titan Returns Legends Class Kickback

Hello this is Darkon633 and I am back with another toy review. Today we will be looking at Kickback in the Titan Returns Legends Class line. Ever since 2014 it has been a dream to see the entire main team of the Insecticons make their way into Generations form.  The wait has definitely paid off with the release of Titan Returns Legends Class Kickback.  Having the team finally together is something I been dreaming of for years so I am glad Hasbro manged to release all three of them.  I really hope that some third party company makes weapons for the trio since overall I think that is the most glaring problem between them.  One thing that is a shame is that Kickback is the only one to feature the old “microman” style compartment so it would have been much better to see them all release within the same line for consistency.  In conclusion if you got the other two Insecticons over the years than I highly recommend picking this figure up,  otherwise it is still a pretty good figure on it’s own.  I got this from BBTS.

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