Review: Transformers The Last Light Voyager Class Premier Optimus Prime

Hello Hero Club, this is Darkon633 and I am back with another toy review.  Today we will be looking at Voyager Class Premier Optimus Prime from the Transformers The Last Knight toyline. It was great to see that Hasbro finally released a Voyager Class scale of Optimus’ new appearance in Transformers Age of Extinction/ The Last Knight.  While there might be a few alterations to his model the figure can be displayed well with the Autobots from either films so that is a huge plus.  The smaller scale version of Optimus was something I really wanted to see during the last film, but seeing as the only figures that could fit the criteria were gimmicky figures from Takara I was less than impressed.  The latest version of the Autobot leader looks really good in both of his modes and the overall scale between him and his team works extremely well.  The only part I don’t seem to like about this figure is that some of the joints tend to pop off during transformations (luckily I didn’t have issues this time during filming), but other than that it is in my opinion a really well made figure.  I recommend picking this up, but it may be better to get it on sale or a discount otherwise I can still recommend getting this figure even at full price. I got this from Hasbrotoyshop.

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