Review: Uchu Sentai Kyuranger – 9-Dan Henkei DX Kyu The Weapon

Hey there Hero Club, Eugene here, and I am back with my review on the Uchu Sentai Kyuranger – 9-Dan Henkei DX Kyu The Weapon. The nine Kyurangers‘ side arms, and signature weapons that consist of three pieces. Each of the Kyurangers have a specific variation they use, and here is the rundown of the combinations:

  • Shishi Red – Kyu Sword
  • Sasori Oranger – Kyu Spear
  • Ookami Blue – Kyu Claw
  • Tenbin Gold – Kyu Crossbow
  • Oushi Black – Kyu Axe
  • Hebitsukai Silver – Kyu Sickle
  • Chameleon Green – Kyu Rapier
  • Washi Pink – Kyu Shot
  • Kajiki Yellow – Kyu Slasher

Now, Kyu the Weapon does come with a Kyutama. That Kyutama is #20 Bouenkyou (Telescopium), which is able function with the Seiza Blaster.

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