Review: Uchu Sentai Kyuranger – Sentai Hero Series 01-09 Vinyl Figures

Hello there Hero Club, I have finally returned to the site to share my newest reviews! Today, will be the first of my Uchu Sentai Kyuranger reviews. It is none other than the Sentai Hero Series Vinyl Figures which consists of the full team of nine senshi. I personal enjoy Kyuranger’s theme of space and constellations, it is a perfect fit for Sentai. Each figure is a moderate representation of each senshi, with decent sculpts for the suits and changers. The only real visible issue is the “blank” Seiza Blasters on their arms.

The Kyurangers:

  • Shishi Red
  • Sasori Orange
  • Ookami Blue
  • Tenbin Gold
  • Oushi Black
  • Hebitsukai Silver
  • Chameleon Green
  • Washi Pink
  • Kajiki Yellow

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