Review: Ultraman Geed DX Geed Riser

“You Go! I Go! Here We Go!”


Today, I look at DX Geed Riser from Ultraman Geed. The Geed Riser is device used by both the protagonist, Riku Asakura, and the antagonist, Kei Fukuide. The Geed Riser works by scanning Ultra/Kaiju Capsules. When using the Ultra Capsules it allows one to become Ultraman Geed. Whereas, the Kaiju Capsules can summon Kaiju, or create Belial Fusion-Beasts.

Now, the DX Geed Riser features the basic items and capsules as seen used in the premiere. It has LED lights, and various ways to read the capsules. Furthermore, by pre-ordering, or buying the DX Geed Riser during its release one will acquire the limited DX Ultra Capsule Shining Ultraman Zero.


DX Geed Riser Contains:

  • Geed Riser, Loading Knuckle, & Belt Clip
  • Ultra Capsules x 2 (Ultraman, Ultraman Belial)
  • Kaiju Capsules x 2 (Red King, Gomora)
  • Ultraman Geed Primitive Data Carddass Card
  • Instructions


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