Review: Ultraman Geed DX Ultra Capsule Magnificent Set

Here we go again, as we look at the next item I purchased in the Ultraman Geed toyline. This review is on the DX Ultra Capsule Magnificent Set! Now, the Magnificent Set is the second in the series. It contains two Ultra Capsules, and two Kaiju Capsules (actual kaiju may vary). However, similar to the Acro Smasher set this one has both a Belial Fusion Beast, and a Geed Ultra Rise. The Belial Fusion Beast is Pedanium Zetton, which uses Zetton (Ultraman) and King Joe (Ultraseven). Whereas, Ultraman Geed Magnificent uses Ultraman Zero, and Father of Ultra. In addition, the Ultraman Zero Capsule and fuse with Ultraseven Capsule to create Ultraman Orb Emerium Slugger!

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