Review: Ultraman Geed DX Ultra Capsule Solid Burning Set

“Here we go” again, as we look at the next item I purchased in the Ultraman Geed toy-line. This review is on the DX Ultra Capsule Solid Burning Set! Now, the Solid Burning Set is the second in the series. It contains two Ultra Capsules, and two Kaiju Capsules (actual kaiju may vary). The focus on the set is on Ultraman Geed’s form Solid Burning, and the form’s first foe Darkclops Zero. Along with being able to summon an army of Darkclops Zeros to fight Ultraman, one can also summon the kaiju, Astron (Earthtron). However, this kaiju was actually the first opponent for Ultraman Geed Acro Smasher, which is the next set to be featured on my channel… At least whenever it decides to arrive in the mail!

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