Review: Young Justice Outsiders Chapter 1

Comic Credits

  • Writer:Greg Weisman
  • Artist: Christopher Jones
  • Colorist: Kelly Fitzpatrick
  • Letterer: Wes Abbott
  • Cover Artist: Christopher Jones
  • Editor: Kristy Quinn


Alright heroes, we are back with Young Justice Outsiders to bring in the new year. Yesterday, was the official release for the first chapter of the tie-in comic for Young Justice: Outsiders; a show which is set to premiere on the DC Universe app January 4th, 2019. In addition, the app will feature three new episodes each week. Anyways, I plan to keep this review spoiler free since not everyone has the DC Universe app.


Our story starts with a new mission that centers around Psimon who is on the loose. Whereas, Alpha team consisting of Superboy, Megan, Beast Boy, and Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) are tracking down Psimon within in the United States. In addition, I believe the story occurs somewhere within “Year Six” of the series, which is probably a close event to the season premiere.


Now, while reading this chapter I think one of the feelings it gave me was a sense of familiarity. It makes me remember the great times I had watching the first two seasons, and seeing these characters grow; it hit me hard with emotions in the best possible way. Seeing the artwork by Christopher Jones, who does an amazing job, has not missed a beat in his drawings of these characters. Along with Kelly Fitzpatrick’s coloring details fans will feel as though they were watching the show again, and that is all I can ask for on that note. However, Wheelz says the artworks feels and looks like Justice League home video box art.


Then as for Greg Weisman, he writes a solid first issue that feels like it has not been six years since the second season finale. Even though, we are just picking back where we left off, now! The characters sound like themselves and it shows Greg Weisman has not lost it when it comes to writing these characters. He makes the dialog feel like it is something we would hear within show, so huge props to him for still nailing their characterizations.


Plot wise, starting off small with the team trailing Psimon, who I forgot how interesting his plots in Young Justice was fun. I can see what Greg is doing with the character, and it makes Psimon someone people should not underestimate. Psimon is still a viable threat even after what Megan did to him during their last encounter, which left me worried that his time was over within the show. Then besides Greg’s writing and the plot, Wes Abbott does a solid job as the letterer. Furthermore, I send my gratitude to Kristy Quinn for being the editor for this series, as it really feels like an actual episode and I am grateful Kristy is finally able to make the product feel as such. Overall, it is a solid reintroduction to the world of Young Justice, however this is just merely the beginning.


Final Grade: 5 out of 5 Heroes

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