RRPG Side-Quests – Monster Hunter: World Prototype Details at GDC 2018!

Monster Hunter: World’s own director and the Senior Manager of Global Production at Capcom were in attendance and held a panel at this year’s Game Developer’s Conference. Since the game has been doing strong justice for Capcom, both sales-wise and financially, Yuya Tokuda and Peter Fabiano talked about the game in its prototype stage. They claim that when it was in its prototype stage it helped to shape the direction, quality, and speed of development that the team aimed at in this game’s creation. By looking at the vision they took within Monster Hunter: World’s development, it probably was in the team’s best interest with where they went to make the game very appealing to a global scale! In this edition of RRPG Side-Quests, RRPG talks about just that, and praises the game for how it has done as both an Action game and an Adventure RPG! Enjoy and give it a watch!


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