RRPG Side-Quests – Level-5’s 20th Anniversary Game Teased!

That is right, as it looks like Akihiro Hino himself already has a solid plan for what his company’s next, big title after Ni no Kuni II is going to be! Ever since Level-5 has entered the video game mainstream after the release of Dark Cloud at the turn of the century, the company has been a powerful force; with releasing some high-quality games that range from many different platforms throughout several, different generations of consoles and handhelds.


Now, in a recent interview through 4Gamer with Tekken series head producer, Katsuhiro Harada, Akihiro Hino spilled a some beans about what his company’s next, big game is going to be like. So if one is a fan of Level-5 and their games tuned into this edition of RRPG Side-Quests! In addition, go check out the interview that inspired this episode.

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