RRPG Side-Quests – Another FF15 Universe Game is Shutting Down

An unlucky victim who is shutting down its service by June 2018 is King’s Knight: Wrath of the Dark Dragon on iOS and Android. There were four games that released on smart devices to commemorate the Final Fantasy XV Universe. Now, only half of the games are alive, while the other half are going to go kaput and be out of service. Justice Monsters Five is available in Final Fantasy XV since one does not have to necessarily download the game. Yet, why isn’t something like A New Empire or even King’s Knight: Wrath of the Dark Dragon in the main game? Especially when it is mentioned by Noctis and his friends with what smartphone game they play in their off-time? RRPG talks about this and sees that the King’s Knight remake could possibly come as a bonus add-on through a future update to Final Fantasy XV if Square Enix is shutting down its services, very soon. Have a good listen to this edition of RRPG Side-Quests, would you? 🙂


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