RRPG’s Final Fantasy Retrospective – Episode 5 Final Fantasy VII

Hero Club is proud to present the Final Fantasy Retrospective hosted by me, RRPG; a series I began nearly two years ago on my personal YouTube Channel. In Episode 5, we cover the franchise’s first outing on the Sony PlayStation which became not only a breakout to push past sales for the console, but it became one of the biggest revolutions for the genre of Japanese Role-Playing games. It would be known to the public as Final Fantasy VII. After covering the main game, we will dive straight into Square Enix’s first attempt at creating polymorphic content for a Final Fantasy title with this game being its first ambassador to the new initiative which the company would refer to as the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. The original PlayStation game would release in 1997 from all over the world while the projects in the compilation would arrive between 2000-2010.

Original Heroic Opener Intro create by Epicdreamz

Thanks to The Nostalgic Gamer for the inspiration!


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