RRPG’s Final Fantasy Retrospective – Episode 6 Final Fantasy VIII & IX

Welcome back to RRPG’s Final Fantasy Retrospective! Episode 6 explores two other entries in the PlayStation’s library, Final Fantasy VIII and IX. Now, Final Fantasy VIII was the next game to be envisioned by the team behind Final Fantasy VII, as it went for a game with a more brighter atmosphere that had dark overtones in its overall delivery. While being considered one of the most polarizing entries in the original Playstation’s library like Final Fantasy II on the Famicom, the eighth installment had its own merits; it becomes just as fun as most of the others.


Whereas, Final Fantasy IX on the other hand was lead by Hiroyuki Ito of Final Fantasy VI; who would bring the series back to its roots. In addition, the creation of this installment had assistance from the father of the franchise, Hironobu Sakaguchi. This was meant to be Sakaguchi’s love letter to long-time fans who felt the previous two games sidetracked from what the franchise represented. Sakaguchi-san delivered on his promise by bringing in his full creativity on how he envisioned the franchise during its days on the NES/Famicom era.

This episode is dedicated to my co-hosts of the TheGameRiffers YouTube channel, Fighterxaos and 16bitjeff. Final Fantasy VIII is Fighterxaos‘ favorite while Final Fantasy IX is 16bitjeff’s favorite! I hope they both enjoy this episode that is dedicated to them!


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