SDCC 2017: Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl Trailers

We have the trailers for Arrow season six, The Flash season four, and Supergirl season 3. I have to say I’m excited to see the Flash since Kid Flash will be taking the mantle of the Flash for a bit. I would like to see Barry back but maybe during the season 4 mid season finale. So that way we can actually miss him.

With Arrow, I dropped it after season 4 and have no reason to watch again. Supergirl, I enjoyed parts of the last season and I’m curious to see where it goes. Anyway, enough of me talking, watch the trailers.

After watching all of the trailers, I was disappointed with Supergirl. There’s not much to really speculate. Arrow, it seems like Deathstroke survived along with Oliver’s son. Finally, Flash, it looks like we are getting more of Iris this season so I’m pumped.

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