SDCC Friday 2023: Ben’s Top 5 Picks

Alright, so we are switching things up with how we are going going about reporting San Diego Comic-Con this year. Especially, with there being so much news coming out, I thought to present my top five things that excited me. So, without further ado, let us see what got me hyped up!


5. Motal Kombat 1 Guest Roster Reveal

I can say that I was not the most excited for the characters being revealed. Like we knew Omni-man, Peacemaker, and Homelander were leaked, so no one was truly surprised. With that said, I am disappointed were just getting two Superman-like characters. However, this is Mortal Kombat where the roster is filled with about ten ninja characters.


4. Mortal Kombat 1: Umgadi Trailer

This was something I was more hyped about, which was seeing what the MK1 story was going to be like. Also, how this  would go onto involve everyone. The Umgadi trailer give us more hints about what we can expect and I am excited. I really enjoyed seeing this new version of Tanya and a few others I do not want to spoil.


3. Heroes vs Monsters; DC Comics and Legendary Comics crossover

Yes, this was the biggest surprise for me as I did not think these two worlds would be colliding. Like we had Power Rangers and Godzilla teaming up this past year, so I am curious to see how the DC Universe handles the Monsterverse.


2. Invincible Season 2 teaser trailer.

Many people have been waiting for this series to make its comeback, and our patience has been rewarded! Currently, the new season of Invincible is scheduled to start November 3rd 2023. In addition, there is a stack of actors joining this season, so I am curious to see how things play out. Furthermore, I want to know where things will stop since a third season was confirmed to follow.


1. One Piece Official Trailer

I AM HYPED! I truly love the sets and costume choices for everyone. I can sit here and talk about how much I love seeing this world I love brought to life. I am hopeful that it does well enough to convince others to finally sit and read the manga or watch the anime. So, my fingers are crossed that One Piece live action show gets all the hype and love it deserves.


Anyway, readers let us know what your favorite announcement was from SDCC 2023 in the comment below. Also, let me know if I missed anything from Friday. Nevertheless, as always, I am Benodinson and I am out of here for now.

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