She-Ra Princesses of Power: Flowers for She-Ra Review

Hello Hero Club, this is Darkon633 and now we will be looking at the fourth episode of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power titled, “Flowers for She-Ra.” For those who are not aware, the last episode addressed that Adora must go to the various kingdoms throughout Etheria in order to bring the Princesses together once more in order to save the world from the Evil Horde. Starting with this episode, Adora will be traveling to a new locale, although I am getting ahead of myself. So, let us start by looking at this episode.


[Warning: The following review contains several spoilers]



The episode starts with Glimmer giving Adora a tour around the castle and helping her get adjusted to her new living arrangements. Adora fails to feel comfortable in her new life, and it does not help when she runs into Queen Angella. The queen shows Adora a mural depicting King Micah and explains that he was killed in a battle with the Evil Horde. The follow morning, Glimmer finds Adora sleeping nearby her and they are both startled awake. In the confusion, Glimmer explains to Adora that she was invited to a weekly meeting with the generals of the Rebellion, so Adora decides to join her. Alongside Glimmer and Bow, Adora soon discovers the meeting room is empty. Glimmer explains that it is due to the Princesses dissolving upon a major defeat by the Evil Horde. This defeat lead to several of Princesses deciding to make their specific kingdoms a priority, except for Spinnerella and Netossa, who arrive to the meeting.

Queen Angella enters the room to reveal that the meeting is to inform everyone that Perfuma’s kingdom, Plumeria, has been attacked by the Evil Horde. Angella continues to explain that Perfurma has called upon Castle Brightmoon to come assist her kingdom. A guard soon appears and begins to convey the battle plan. However, Glimmer interjects by saying they should strike with full force, although Queen Angella quickly turns down option. Adora decides to cut into the conversation by saying she could help with the relief force as She-Ra. Although a bit skeptical, Queen Angella decides that Adora’s idea is sound; she tells her that as She-Ra, she will help deliver provisions to the kingdom, but demands that Adora must not engage the Evil Horde during the mission. Accepting to terms Adora transforms into She-Ra to leave with both Glimmer and Bow to assist Plumeria.


As the group makes their way to the kingdom, they notice that several plants are either dead or dying. While they begin to speculate the cause of the dying plants, they are greeted by Perfuma, and local citizens. However, before proper introductions can be made, everyone proceeds to assemble around She-Ra in awe. Perfuma invites our heroes deeper into the village where they get to see the Heart Blossom, the source of Perfuma’s powers. Perfuma begins to inform our heroes that the plants are dying due to a blight that hit the kingdom sometime after the Evil Horde arrived. Meanwhile in the Fright Zone, Hordak is disappointed that Shadow Weaver continues to waste resources to bring back Adora. Shadow Weaver attempts to find an excuse, but Hordak informs her that she must command their forces as to speed up the destruction of Plumeria.

Back at the village, Perfuma tells She-Ra she is glad that she has arrived since She-Ra has the power to bring life back to the kingdom. At least according to a story that has passed down through the generations. She-Ra sees that a large cloud of smoke in the distance, and she asks Perfuma if they should investigate its source. Perfuma tries to reason that even if they are to investigate that their powers are not enough to stop the Evil Horde. In addition, Perfuma expresses how she just sought that she and kingdom could live in peace. She-Ra then tells Bow and Glimmer that they need to speak in private in order to devise a plan to save the nearby forest. However, their conversation gets detoured when Perfuma appears, explaining that something terrible has happened. They make their way back to the village only to discover that the Heart Blossom is dying!


She-Ra tries to use her powers to bring life back to the Heart Blossom, although she is unsuccessful and reverts to Adora. With the villagers witnessing this act, they begin to question where the real She-Ra is. Adora tries to explain that while she has been chosen to become She-Ra, and she has not been able to control her powers yet. Adora also tries to explain that the Evil Horde must be poisoning their land with their machines, but the villagers will not listen. Glimmer even tries to convince Perfuma, and the villagers that Adora speaks the truth, but is unsuccessful so they decide to leave the following morning. However, Adora decides she must take matters into her own hands, so she convinces Glimmer and Bow to join her in saving Plumeria.


The trio proceeds to disguise themselves as Horde soldiers and sneak into the Horde’s camp. Adora manages to find a large machine inside one of the buildings that turns out to the be the source of the poison. Yet, before they can do anything about it a Horde Soldier appears, sounding the alarm. Back in the village, one of the villagers give a note to Perfuma left by Adora, which mentions that they went to stop the Horde themselves. Realizing that our heroes are so determined in trying to save Plumeria, Perfuma decides that she must go aid She-Ra and the others. Luckily Perfuma’s decision to join the battle saves our heroes from being defeated. In addition, Adora manages to turn into She-Ra again, and joins with Perfuma to destroy the machine poisoning the land. Upon their victory, Perfuma agrees to Glimmer’s proposal to reunite the Princesses.


My Thoughts:

I personally thought this episode was okay although it is not the most eventful. It is nice to see a new setting in the show, although I have to say Plumeria does not look much different compared to the other settings in the show. Perfuma is better in this series as compared to her original counterpart since I think the original is a bit annoying. The original show presented Perfuma as a bit too high strung while the new version seems more like a typical nice girl. This episode, however did show something in She-Ra that we did not see in the original series.

In the original series, She-Ra did get cocky from time to time. Yet, I feel as though the new version of She-Ra shows a lot more vulnerability, which depicts her more realistically. I like the fact that in this episode the writers clearly show us that Adora is taking her powers as She-Ra for granted, but they do not overplay it as the focus. However, this episode unfortunately has a huge issue when it comes to the Evil Horde. Now, while the Evil Horde has been shown to be a big presence in the series, they do not seem to leave much of an impact. It does not help when none of the main Horde generals appear during battle in this episode thus making their efforts a bit lackluster.


Catra and Shadow Weaver so far have been most enjoyable Horde members. However, it does not change the fact that the Evil Horde requires a more effective onscreen presence rather than mere appearances. Luckily things should change soon, but at this moment for Horde’s actions are a glaring issue. Outside of that this episode merely serves a purpose to introduce Perfuma, so viewers should not expect too much else.

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