SSSS.Gridman Second Trailer, New Character & Additional Staff

The official website for Studio Trigger’s and Tsuburaya Productions’ SSSS.Gridman anime released an all new trailer for the upcoming series. In addition, the site revealed a new character appearing in the series, as well as more staff.

The new character in the anime, Alexis Kerib, who could seemingly be a new antagonist of the series, replacing Khan Digifier. Alexis Kerib is designed by DARLING in the FRANXX’s Shigeto Koyama, and will be voiced by Tetsu Inada. Fans of Tetsu Inada will easily identify him as the voice behind Dekaranger’s Doggie Kruger/ Dekamaster, Gaoranger’s Duke Org Shuten, and B-Fighter Kabuto’s Descorpion.

Now, as for the new staff members, Shiro Sagisu (Neon Genesis Evangelion, Shin Godzilla) will compose the series’ score. Whereas, Toshiki Kameyama is joining the series as sound director, and Eiko Morikawa returns from the original Gridman series to provide the sound effects.


Anime Expo hosted the world premiere of SSSS.Gridman on Friday. Also, Funimation announced they secured the rights to distribute the anime on their streaming service, and will provide an English dub. SSSS.Gridman will premiere in Japan this October. The series is directed by Akira Amemiya who directed the 2015 short, Denkou Choujin Gridman: boys invent great hero. Furthermore, the series will feature Hikaru Midorikawa return to voice Gridman!


Source: ANN

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