Supergirl News: Mon-El Legion Costume

What’s going on heroes? Happy Tuesday, XBen3000 back and ready to talk some news for the new year. Anyways, we have the first look at Mon-El Legion costume and I hate to say it but it looks bland. Like I was expecting the red suit since in comics part of what a character stand out is the costume they wear but I understand since it would be cheaper to make similar looking costumes instead of having to make unique costumes for each characters. Especially if they’re going to be a Legion of Superheroes, you might as well be in uniform sort to speak. I’m hoping other legion members do get some color into their costumes. I’m reminded of the Ninja Storm training costumes they would wear before they morphed. If I had to make a comparison to what his costume looks like. I think the worse part is that there’s nothing that makes it stand out. That said, Supergirl is set to return January 15.


As always let us know what you think down below in the comments. Until next time, I’m XBen3000 and Happy New Year!

Source: DC Comics Twitter

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