Swamp Thing Cast Abby Arcane

The casting news for DC Comics continues as Swamp Thing has found it’s Abby Arcane. Crystal Reed, is set to play the niece of the villainous Anton Arcane and wife to Swamp Thing himself. To quote from the press release about her character.

Swamp Thing’s description of the character doesn’t put her too far away from what fans are expecting: Smart and caring, CDC Doctor Abby Arcane’s strong sense of empathy puts her at the center of a horrific life-threatening epidemic in her hometown, where she faces emotional demons from her past… while a chance meeting with scientist Alec Holland takes her into a world of horror and the supernatural, and of the elemental creature known as Swamp Thing.

So I have to say I’m interested in seeing Swamp Thing. The DC Universe platform is looking like something I’ll have to buy because of shows like Swamp Thing and Titans. I’m hoping we will see a trailer for this series by the end of the year but that might be wishful thinking on my end. Until the next news post, I’m XBen3000 and I’m out!

Source: DC Comics

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