The Drop Episode 14: ArcSys Wins, EA Spins

Welcome to what one can only describe as a substantial episode of The Drop, as there is quite a bit covered this week. First off, 16BitJeff joins Fighter xaos in discussing/ ranting about EA dropping Visceral, and adding to their long line of companies they bought out before eventually dumping. Forgive the audio during that segment, as we recorded it on the weekend and had our casual chat set-ups. Next is the Arc System Works news featuring both BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, and Dragon Ball FighterZ. That is followed by news about a new Full Metal Panic game, a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game, and Senran Kagura on Nintendo news. In addition, there is a fun bit due to a recent interview with Suda51 about the new No More Heroes game!

The footage scene at the beginning is from a random casual match I played in Dead or Alive 5 some time ago. One can check out the whole match on my YouTube Channel!


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