Toei Announces 20th Anniversary Movies for Hurricaneger & Abaranger

Good morning Heroes, it is the start of a new week, and things really picked up these past few days. Now, over the weekend, Toei surprisingly announced two 20th anniversary movies for Ninpu Sentai Hurricaneger and Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger. Normally, the studio occasionally produces a single anniversary project for a Super Sentai series once per year. However, this time Toei prepared for the future, filming back-to-back releases within the V-Cinext series. Additionally, like previous V-Cinext productions these films will receive limited theatrical runs in Japan before releasing on home video. Coincidentally, the announcements for these films were foreshadowed, as Premium Bandai promoted Memorial Editions for the respective series’ transformation devices.

Now, the first V-Cinext announced was for the Ninpu Sentai Hurricaneger de Gozaru: Shushutto 20th Anniversary film on Saturday morning. Currently, this film is being promoted as a sequel to the previously released 10 Years After special. The upcoming film will feature the return of both the Hurricanegers and the Gouraigers, while Shurikenger remains dead. Also, the staff consists of series director Katsuya Watanabe returning to the role, and newcomer
Keiko Tani as the screenwriter.

Official Synopsis:

Back in the Edo Period, Oiranda and Aunja of the Ura Seven Spears appear. They are targeting the Tensho Stone possessed by Teruhime, who is guarded by five ninjas. These warriors practice the Hayate and Ikazuchi Style, bearing resemblance to the Hurricanegers and Gouraigers of the modern era. Now, the Tensho Stone they protect is rumored to have the ability to destroy the world. However, Teruhime’s ninjas are powerless against the Ura Seven Spears, but when all hope seems lost the Hurricangers and Gouraigers travel back in time to the save the past. Now, an all-out fierce battle breaks out in the Edo Period to save the timeline!

Then early yesterday morning, Toei announced the second V-Cinext film, Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger 20th: Unforgiven Abare. First off, this film marks Aiko Ito’s (Ranru Itsuki/ Abare Yellow) return to acting since retiring in 2010. Several fans like myself and Wheelchair21 originally thought she retired following her appearance in Ultraman Mebius, but I digress. Anyway, with Aiko Ito’s return it also signifies the team’s first on-screen reunion since the 2005 film, Abaranger vs. Dekaranger. The next thing regarding this film’s production is that it is written by original head writer, Toshihisa Arakawa. However, the directorial team will consist of Hisashi Kimura and Sanshiro Wada overseeing the action sequences. Whereas, alongside the original five Abarangers, Michi Nishijima will return as Emiri Sanjyou/ ‘Abare Pink.’

Official Synopsis:

After their battle with Evolian 20 years ago a new enemy appears before the Abarangers. They have to transform to fight for the first time since then, but the public feels they cause too much destruction in the ensuing battles. Now, in the modern Reiwa Era, is their form of justice too outdated?

As mentioned earlier, both films will be receiving a limited theatrical release in Japan for Summer 2023. However, each film will release on home video at separate dates. Currently, Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger de Gozaru: Shushutto 20th Anniversary will release next October on Blu-Ray and DVD. Meanwhile, Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger 20th: Unforgiven Abare’s home video releases will hit Japanese stores in March 2024.


Additionally, the special edition releases for the films will contain accessories for the upcoming Memorial Editions of their transformation devices. The Hurricaneger Special Edition will feature the Oedo Medal for the Hurricane Gyro, allowing fans access Hurricane Red’s new form. Whereas, the Abaranger Special Edition features the Super Bakuryuu Plate for the Dino Brace to unlock Super Abare Max’s sounds.

Ultimately, these are great announcements for Super Sentai fans, especially if these shows were entry points for some people. Hopefully, more 20th anniversary specials will be announced in the future, as the Dekaranger cast begins teasing their reunion. Anyway, we should have more details on the Hurricane Gyro and Dino Brace Memorial Editions in the near future. So, I suggest that readers should stay tuned to Hero-Club for information on those items in the coming weeks. Nevertheless, like always, thanks for the support, and make sure to follow us across social media by using @HeroClub4Life!


Source: Toei Video

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