Toy Fair 2018 – Official Images: Transformers Power of the Primes

Toy Fair 2018 is currently being held and Hasbro is just filling the event up with several new items. These items range from the various Transformers, Marvel, and Star Wars series. One of the highlights is on the ongoing Transformers: Power of the Primes toyline; it is the final installment in the current Generations’ Trilogy succeeding both, Combiner Wars and Titans Return. Upon showing the displays for the new items at the event, Hasbro released the official product images to the public. However, for those following this line realize some of these “upcoming” products are already available at retail!


Prime Masters

  • Solus Prime with Octopunch Decoy Armor
  • Megatronous with Bomb-Burst Decoy Armor
  • Quintous Prime with Bludgeon Decoy Armor

Legends Class

  • Battleslash
  • Roadtrap
  • Autobot Tailgate


Deluxe Class

  • Moonracer
  • Novastar


Voyager Class

  • Elita-1


Leader Class

  • Evolution Optimal Optimus Primal


Titan Class

  • Predaking with Onyx Prime


Source: TFW2005

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