The Gifted Review

This will be a short review, just some general thoughts about The Gifted and if people should check it out. I will say this now, people should check out The Gifted. Also, it helps that the first episode is free on iTunes, so please check it out and support the show with some views. Anyways, The Gifted is a show I was not sure about going into it. We had little hints about what characters comic fans know were going to be in the series. In addition, the show is set to focus on a family that has kids who are mutants, characters originally made for the series. One could easily how this could make the series seem questionable until its premiere.



Now, I have to say the first episode really pulled me in from start to finish. Seeing Blink, Polaris, Eclipse, and Thunderbird in action was good. I was not expecting to care about the family, but they grew on me. Out of the new Marvel television series like Inhumans and LegionThe Gifted can really hook a new viewer into the series without them having to watch, or see anything else. Inhumans, I felt relied a bit on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and in terms of its own pilot. There was a lot of exposition which is not bad, but I felt like it was taking too long. Legion, while I enjoyed the first episode I can see how it being so out there that viewers may not get “it” per say. Legion just throws a viewer into its world and expects he/ she to float. The Gifted explains the world just enough, and get one to care through the family. Yes, the X-Men are nowhere to be seen, and for some that is where they may stop. That is perfectly understandable, that some want characters they recognize, but I can see how one can get attached to this group if given the chance too.


My two stands out have to be Blink and Polaris. I was not expecting Jamie Chung and Emma Dumont to pull me in with their performances as their characters. Even everyone else killed it in their roles, too! Overall, check out The Gifted when given the chance to do so. I am really hoping this show is given the chance to do its own thing, and surprise us. Until the next review, I am XBen3000 and I am out!

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