Uchu Sentai Kyuranger December Scans *Spoilers

Recently December scans for Uchu Sentai Kyuranger have surfaced online which reveal some of the events that will be happening throughout the month on the show.

Keep in mind this article contains spoilers so read at your own discreet.*

First, Don Armage will appear once again so Lucky will need to use the powers of ShiShi Orion to combat him.

Next, Doctor Anton will revive the three Vice-Shoguns and fuse them together into Akyanchuga.  The Kyurangers will use the power of Kyutamajin to fight against it.

Thirdly, the Kyurangers will finally be able to destroy the barrier that is protecting the Southern Cross, the headquarters of Jark Matter and will soon be fighting the Southern King.  The Southern King is said to be an homage to the Gokaiger version of Black Cross King, who was also the main antagonist of Himitsu Sentai Gorenger.

Lastly, Garu will sustain critical injuries and soon a mysterious warrior from his past will arrive.

Source: Heroshock

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  1. […] As they infiltrate the base they plan to destroy the base from within with the power of the Black Hole Kyutama. When they arrive they will soon meet the Southern Cross King and the warrior from Garu’s past as stated in the previous scans. […]

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