Uchu Sentai Kyuranger – DX Kyurenoh Review

One of the longest running Super Sentai tradition is the use of a giant mecha. Ever since Battle Fever J, each Sentai have gotten at least one mecha to use for battle. Uchu Sentai Kyuranger is no different and today we are taking a look at the DX Kyutama Gattai Kyurenoh! With an original retail price of 7980 yen, this set contains KyuVoyagers 01, 03, 05, 07 and 09 which are the ShiShi, Ookami, Oushi, Chameleon and Kajiki voyagers respectively. Each voyager comes with their respective Kyuranger’s kyutama and they can be used in the DX Seiza Blaster to activate sound effects. Now how is Kyurenoh in its DX toy form? Find out in the review below!

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