Uchu Sentai Kyuranger *March Spoilers*

The March issue of Televikun magazine is currently on sale in Japan! Just like its predecessors it features details and images regarding next month’s episodes. Please keep in mind, what is to being shown and described are considered spoilers. For those who seek to not be spoiled, now is the time to turn away and not read further…


In the month of March, viewers can expect up to at least three predetermined things to occur. The first thing is that Shishi Red will obtain the Pegasus Kyutama, allowing him to become Pegasus Shishi Red. The second thing is that show will begin to further revealing more Kyutama, and their abilities. Then as for the final thing the scans reveal it is for an in-show gimmick that will determine Kyurenoh’s formation of the day! Below one can further read about each of these events/ reveals in accordance to their matching galleries.


Dancing Star, Pegasus ShiShi Red!

Lucky, Shishi Red, will obtain the Pegasus Kyutama which will be nicknamed Pega-san. When activated the Pegasus Kyutama will grant Shishi Red body armor, super-speed, and the ability to be a great dancer!


The Powers of the Kyutama

The March episodes are shown to reveal six other Kyutama. These six will not allow members to gain upgrades or summon new Voyagers, but provide new abilities to use. These six new Kyutama are:

  • Futago (Gemini) – creates a clone

  • Tate (Scutum) – creates a shield

  • Kani (Cancer) – creates a pincer

  • Bouenkyou (Telescopium) – locates targets, at incredible ranges

  • Uo (Pisces) – creates/ summons sushi?!

  • Ohitsuji (Aries) – tranquilizes the target

Kyurenoh Formation of the Day

The final reveal from the scans is that Commander Xaio Longpao will use the Kyulette, to decide how Kyurenoh forms. The Kyulette is literally a hand-crank lottery drawing device. The Kyulette could be symbolic devices too, as it could allude to daily lucky numbers and/ or horoscopes.  However, I find this to be hilariously entertaining, and some thing that could easily lead to the Kyurangers‘ defeat.

Additional Scans

Now, aside from the information on the upcoming episodes this Televikun features tech specs on the Kyurangers. These tech specs are simply x-ray illustrations showing readers how suits as well as weapons look like in universe. Along with these images a teaser for Ryucommander and Koguma SkyBlue is shown. It references that these two will appear in the next issue, the April Issue, at the end of March.

Source: Heroshock

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