Uchu Sentai Kyuranger October Scans *Spoilers

Recently the September Scans for Uchu Sentai Kyuranger have surfaced online, which reveal events that will be happening on the show in the month of October.

Keep in mind this article contains spoilers so read at your own discretion 

First more details about the new upcoming mecha were revealed.  Recently Lucky obtained the powers of the Orion Constellation, however he will soon be getting two new mecha to power up the Kyuranger’s arsenal. The Orion Voyager and the Battle Orion Ship will be able to combine to form the Orion Battler.  The mecha will be linked to the power of the Orion Kyutama, which is very similar to the connection between the spirit of the Big Bear and the Ohguma Kyutama.

Next, Kyurenoh, Ryuteioh, and Gigant Houou will be able to combine their powers with the Orion Battler to form the Orion Bazooka. 


Continuing on, it has been revealed that the Vice-Shoguns will soon be defeated, however Don Armage has the power to revive them.  More details about Hoshi Minato who made an appearance earlier in the series will reveal that he is an agent of Jark Matter. Not much else is known about Minato at this time, however it is hinted he may play a big role in Jark Matter. 


Fourthly, the series will soon look further into Champ’s past.  It has been revealed that Professor Anton was originally a Jark Matter scientist that was commissioned to create a powerful robot that would serve under Jark Matter.  He soon had a change of heart and in turn created Champ.  However, soon the Kyurangers will be in for a ride as another robot from Champ’s past will appear to confront them.  It has been revealed that Champ’s prototype called Ushi-gata hanyou kaiheki 0gou (Cow-type ulilitary weapon 0) will attack the Kyurangers in order to destroy Champ.  Champ will need to conquer this battle so he can reclaim his champion title name: Yagyu Jubee!”


Lastly, it has been hinted that the next set of scans will focus on the Kojishi Voyager & Super Kyurenoh. This may lead to something interesting since the scan features Kyoryu Red, but for what purpose?  We will need to wait and find out.

Source: Heroshock 

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