Ultraman Geed Episode 11 – The Geed Identity Review

Ultraman Geed Magnificent is almost upon us, and the tension is building towards its debut! Since a new form is soon to appear that means this episode, and the next are about to elevate the series. More information on Ultraman Geed’s overall plot will be revealed such as how was Riku conceived, and what is Belial’s one true goal. Hopefully these revelations do not end up backfiring on the production…



Kei Fukuide meets with his editor to discuss his next book. However, the two are being watched by AIB. During the meeting his editor leaves, and Kei mediates at the table to communicate with Belial. Yet, what he does not know is that AIB is tracing the call, until Belial realizes Kei has been set-up. Kei awakens to discover the meeting with his editor was a sting operation, as operatives move in to arrest him. Kei manages to flee while taking his editor with him, but Kei then kills his editor off-screen for the betrayal. Meanwhile, Laiha and REM examine the results of base’s cultivation plant, as well as the remains of a broken vacuum. Riku is nowhere to be found as he has left to purchase a new one, but reminds Laiha of Riku’s nature of buying unwanted items. Laiha leaves to cut off Riku, before he makes another huge mistake such as buying a Playstation 4, instead of a vacuum.

Reito is on his way to work when Moa, and Zena detain him. Reito tries to escape, but Zero realizes the situation, and takes over. Zena begins to inform Zero that Kei is an Alien Sturm, and AIB may have located the whereabouts of Belial. Zero asks why has AIB not gone to Geed instead, but Zena quickly replies the organization continues to view Geed as a possible threat. Zero then understands he must go and investigate, even if Reito is against the entire ordeal. While Zero leaves the Earth, Riku and the others run into Kei. Kei has come to reveal to Riku the origins of his birth; that origin being Kei created Riku/ Ultraman Geed as a method to collect the Ultra Capsules for Ultraman Belial. In addition, Kei has hired a sniper to keep Laiha at bay, but Pega comes to her aid. Kei then gives Riku the ultimatum of handing over his Ultra Capsules, or to die by his hands. Riku opts out of handing over his capsules, and a battle ensues; Riku becomes Geed and Kei becomes Pedanium Zetton.

Now, while Riku and Kei battle throughout the city, Laiha contends with her assassin. However, the assassin is killed due to debris from Geed’s battle. Kei explains that everything that has happened up to this point is Geed’s fault, and two finally give it their all in one final attack. Their attacks result in massive collateral damage, and leaving Riku badly injured. Kei stumbles over Riku’s incapacitated body to steal the Ultra Capsules and finish the job, but Laiha stops him as well as saves one Capsule. That night REM notifies Laiha, a letter has been left at the observatory and its address to them. The following morning Belial orders Kei to make the ultimate sacrifice to make up for his failures, as Zero arrives to Belial’s location. Kei then proceeds to follow through with his master’s plans to destroy the world…

My Thoughts:

The Geed Identity is currently the best episode in the series, as it did not require Reito, Zero, or Laiha to carry it. The episode is mostly dwelling on mostly Kei Fukuide, as well as Riku. However, Riku does not entirely do much until Kei reveals Riku’s origins, and literally what others see Riku as, A DUDE JUST FILLING A ROLE! Since the beginning Riku’s role was to just “play” the hero, while ultimately unknowing he is a pawn to be thrown away in Belial’s master plan, or at least that is what Kei sees in him. Yet, the show wants viewers to understand Riku is seeking to shape his own destiny, and that is one of the themes to the series.


Now, the actual revelation of Riku’s origins being that he was an experiment created by Kei, was one the most interesting aspects for the series. Aside from the initial method on how the Ultra race was born, only a few Ultras or Ultra-like entities have ever been created through genetic research and science since then. An example of a man-made Ultra could be Dark Zagi who was meant to be an artificial copy of Ultraman Noa; another example could technically be Evil Tiga too. Never the less, the concept seems like a fresh breath of air for in franchise, especially since Riku was only created to assist Belial’s return to power. There is also an obvious sense of jealousy from Kei, as he fears Belial may seek to replace him and attempt to persuade Geed to be his right hand. The animosity Kei has for Riku is highly visible during Kei’s meeting with Belial, and during the battle. This all leads to an interesting dynamic where the creator realizes his creation is a threat to his own existence.


The battle between Ultraman Geed, and Pedanium Zetton is one of the best thus far. I would even go as far by saying it is the best one, besides Geed and Zero versus the Galactrons. I expected the battle to be very one-sided with Kei having the advantage the entire time. However, Riku managed to hold his ground, with only a few moments of visible exhaustion. I also thought Riku would need to cycle through all his forms to make any attempt in defeating Kei’s Pedanium Zetton, like Orb’s fight with Maga Orochi. The sequences and visuals are the most impressive in the battle too; highlights include a close-up of the two trudging through the traffic, the overlay with Laiha versus the sniper, and the clash of their signatures. To be honest I was surprised the battle ended in a situation where the protagonist is shown to lose, even when the main battle seemed to end in a stalemate. The near stalemate like conclusion to their battle could also be meant to be a sign of Kei’s own arrogance in almost underestimating Riku.


Overall episode 11 does a lot to boost my liking for the series at hand. The only issue I have is that episode 12 could end up like when the series went from episode 7 to 8. What I am referring to is that the second part could result in being a lackluster conclusion to this impressive first part. Now, I am still hopeful that episode 12 will be a great conclusion, and proper advance the plot. I have faith because of the letter left at the Nebula House, and the teaser revealing the man behind it. This mystery man is portrayed by Minori Terada, who has been in other Ultra series, but he is best remembered as Ryubee Sonozaki (Kamen Rider W). Let us hope Minori Terada is not bringing “terror” to Ultraman Geed, unless it is in the form of beating Riku on the PS4!

Rating: 5 out of 5

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