Ultraman Geed Episode 15 – Child of Battle Review

Last time we looked at an interesting episode of Ultraman Geed, as it ended on a good cliffhanger. Now, we find out what happened to Moa, and why Kuruto (Hiroki Suzuki) is on this vendetta. In addition, we will come to understand why Alien Shadow, Zena is no longer like his people. However, will everything that has happen now with Kuruto, and Zegan be able to be amended? Find out below…



Laiha finds Riku unconscious from the previous battle, as Reito/ Zero appears realizing Zegan is a formidable foe. Alien Shadow Zena appears to the group to notify them that Moa has gone missing. Meanwhile, Moa wakes up with an injured left leg in Zegan’s alternate dimension. She soon discovers Kuruto is with her, and exhausted from the battle. Yet, back at AIB, Ultraman Zero is following Zena as he begins to update everyone on finding Moa. Luckily enough the investigation to locate Moa discovers she was not transported out of the known reality, but displace miles away. Zena also informs Riku, and the others the only reason Zegan still exists is because he hoped to use it in a last case scenario to defeat Belial. However, Kuruto and his other former students stole the controller to preserve their race.

In the meantime, Moa attempts to take care of Kuruto, and understand why Kuruto is committing these attacks. Kuruto briefly explains he used Moa only because Zena would not hand over the device, or give him the password needed, “Gabra Cano (Child of Battle).” The scene then shifts between Kuruto explaining the term to Moa, and Zena to Zero. All warriors of Planet Shadow are called “Gabra Cano” due being sent off world to conqueror planets and obtain resources for their dying home world. Kuruto believes Zena to have forsaken his pride as an Alien Shadow, and forgotten his students. However, Moa believes Zena never forgot them or his pride. Soon Moa then explains to Kuruto how she came to work for AIB; a few years ago, Zena found Moa trying to help a sick alien. From there Zena thought to recruit her. This leads to Moa and Kuruto becoming odd friends as they mock Zena’s rough ways of teaching.

Zegan becomes active again, Kuruto rushes to locate it, and Moa attempts to pursue him. The two are found by the others, who attempt to stop Kuruto. Zena explains to Kuruto he originally joined AIB to conquer Earth, but after hearing many of his students died he sought to stop. Zena seeks to live on, so that his students’ memories will live on. However, Kuruto is reluctant to face the facts, and summons Zegan. Riku and Reito transform to confront Zegan, and eventually are force to becoming Ultraman Geed Magnificent, and Ultraman Zero Beyond. The two Ultras bottle Zegan with an energy ball, as Kuruto attempts to unleash the monster’s full potential. While struggling to break free both Kuruto, and Zegan die. A few days later, Reito and Zero meet with Zena asking if he is alright, and on Moa’s condition; discovering Zena is fond of Moa. Whereas, Riku runs into Moa who is depressed that she could not save Kuruto, but how his sacrifice inspires her to continue her dream to bring peace to the universe.


My Thoughts:

I am let down by this episode to some degree, but still feel it complements the previous half. The episode feels like parts were rushed or missing due to how it is centered on Zena, but focuses on Moa. It is as if the main plot and sub plot could not decide which is which, or better yet figure out if it was a Zena or Moa episode. Having watched both episodes back-to-back a few times, I think the episodes are meant to be for both characters. However, Moa is the focus only because it is to play off Zena being an Alien Shadow, always living in the shadows. Thus, his involvement is to be brief and direct to the point! It is an interesting method if that is the case, but it was not visually pleasing since Moa has been featured heavily. I personally want to see more of Zena, and hopefully see him use his “expression training” at least once. Then again that may be something to be saved for the finale, and Ultraman Geed the Movie.


Now, in my review of the previous episode I mentioned I wanted to see more from Hiroki Suzuki in this episode. That did happen, but his involvement was not in the way I thought it would be. I thought there might be another fight between Kuruto, and Zena that would be longer than the previous one. However, that did not happen and what is presented is Kuruto’s confliction; Kuruto cares for Zena and his own pride. Kuruto’s care for his pride, and untimely death are the only things truly present, but makes his death somewhat meaningful; Kuruto sought to die a warrior even when presented with an option to live, because it would forsake his meaning in life. Yet, I would believe Kuruto’s death makes Hiroki Suzuki’s appearance is divisive because it feels both underwhelming and satisfying; an unfortunate outcome if I may say so!


While seemingly sounding negative towards this episode there were things I did enjoy deeply. I like how Moa and Zena both try reaching out to Kuruto, as it foreshadows his tragic death. I am unsure what I prefer more, Moa and Kuruto bond discussing how strict Zena is, or Zena explaining that he wants Kuruto to live. Both moments are truly wonderful, and make it hard for me to choose which is best. In addition, the battle with Zegan is impressive with great choreography that helps tell the story through the action. What made me enjoy and embrace Kuruto’s death was him repeating the quote, “Kam tatahl Shadow” (May Shadow rest in eternity). This quote/ mantra proved he was committed to the cause of his people, and sought to live his life as an Alien Shadow whether it meant life or death. The concept is easy to enjoy having seen various other shows that show a confliction between morality and culture. Even the closure upon his death was wonderful, as Zena confided in Zero the fact Moa is an essential member of AIB, and Moa explained to Riku that Kuruto’s death propels her to continue her job.



Overall, I was not too keen on this not-so-happy ending, but still enjoy how it was presented. Pacing is just a little weird, but it is an issue in most modern Ultraman series. Eventually avid fans become use to it, but it is still something to be pointed out for newcomers. I would have liked if this episode better set-up the upcoming events of Belial’s return, or Ultraman Geed’s new form. However, it just uses the outro preview to properly do so. That means things will be even more hectic, and awesome in episode 16. Furthermore, my only issue with the next episode currently is its title, “The Beginning of the End of the World!” That simply is one lengthy title…


Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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