Ultraman Geed Episode 25 – The Symbol of Geed Review

The final episode of Ultraman Geed is finally here! Will Riku finally defeat his father Ultraman Belial? Will this be Ultraman Belial final appearance? Also, will this be my last Geed review, or editorial? Find out in the review below!



Ultraman Geed and Belial’s fight begins, and Riku immediately transforms into Royal Mega Master. Riku does not even seem to equal Ultraman Belial Atrocious whereas, Laiha is overpowering a dying Kei. Belial knows Riku out of the form, and Zero rushes in to inject Belial with the enzyme before he times out. However, Father of Ultra arrives to hold off Belial until Riku and the others can recover; Kei retreats, Rem returns the Neo Britannia to its hanger, and Reito is rushed to the hospital. Overnight, Riku and the remaining others prepare to continue the fight.

When morning arrives Riku and Laiha set out to defeat their destined opponents; Riku goes to stop his father, and Laiha chases down Kei. In addition, Zena joins the battle piloting Zegan. Together, Riku and Zena manage to open a wormhole to the alternate dimension, but Belial destroys Zegan in the process. It is now only a matter of time till the hole closes, but Riku is determined to stop Belial. Their battle leads to another miracle to occur, as King grants the ability for all of Ultraman Geed’s forms to manifest themselves. Together the forms of Ultraman Geed overpower Belial, knocking him out of his Atrocious form. At that point, Riku grabs Belial and drags him right into the void.

Whereas, Kei’s life is ending, and he has become delusional; Laiha takes pity on him, and tries assisting him so that he may die peacefully. Meanwhile, in the void Riku sees through Belial’s pain, which allows Riku to purify Belial’s spirit before killing him. Riku then returns to friends, and revives Ultraman King; King tells Riku the Earth’s future is in his hands, and he has yet to tap into his infinite potential. King then takes his leave alongside Father of Ultra. In the following days, Riku discovers he is now the hero he always wanted to be, Moa attempts to move into the Nebula House since Laiha continues to live there, and Zero separates from Reito. Soon afterwards, our heroes then meet up to enjoy the sun set.


My Thoughts:

Episode 25 “The Symbol of Geed” is probably my favorite episode when it pertains to the action alone. The episode is jam packed with fights from Geed versus Belial to Laiha versus Kei; it is too good to be in this mess of series. The only thing that annoyed me was Father of Ultra’s appearance did not include barely any action. Father of Ultra just appears to be the moment of reprieve for Riku to regain himself. In addition, Zegan’s reappearance is incredibly short! I honestly believed Zena would be apart of the battle briefly rather than appear to only open “the door;” however, Zegan’s defeat is meant to show how strong Belial Atrocious is. Now, as for Ultraman King’s final miracle to allow Geed’s forms to manifest themselves made me think I was watching the Kamen Rider Black special. Also, I would have though Riku would finish the battle as Royal Mega Master rather than being in his Primitive. Yet, the choice remain as Primitive makes the battle even more satisfying for viewers.


Now, Laiha’s battle with Kei is impressive it does not entirely standout, as compared to the main event. However, once Laiha takes pity on Kei in his last moments it leaves views slightly caught up in the moment. Kei is not redeemed as a heroic character, and made to be symbol on how power corrupts. In addition, how some people should not foolishly put their lives and fates in the hands of others. Furthermore, Laiha’s sense of forgiveness towards Kei also foreshadowed how Riku would handle Belial. Riku’s spiritual battle with his father is maybe one of my top tier scenes in the series, as it shows a decent portion of Belial’s backstory with plot convenient changes. With Riku seeing these various events in his father’s life it allows Riku to breakthrough to the former heroic side of Belial. Together, Riku and Belial exercise Rayblood’s soul from Belial’s spirit, but Riku must destroy Belial’s physical form. This style of mercy killing is not uncommon in Japanese media, but is rather rare in modern tokusatsu; it left me confused expecting Belial to either be killed, trapped in the void, or entirely purified. Yet, once Riku returns a glimpse of Belial can be seen atop him as turn back into a human; one can only expect this to be an Easter Egg for the upcoming film.


Never the less, I found the action and minor callbacks to assist in allowing Ultraman Geed to end on a high note. I do wish more time was spent depicting the battle, as well as the days that followed our heroes victory. Now, even though Belial is dead, and his story is over I think Geed’s life is a story worth revisiting in possible sequel works, or spin-offs. There are still a few things that can be done with these characters; especially since Ultraman King exclaims Riku has yet to awaken his true potential! However, Ultraman King’s statement could just be another tease for the upcoming feature-length film where Ultraman Geed obtains another form. Hopefully it is not just foreshadowing the movie, as I think Riku could final grow on me if given additional material; I want to like Riku, but at times I rather throw him off a cliff! Anyways, this temporally concludes my reviews for Ultraman Geed, but I hope to do an overall evaluation on the entire series later; currently, I am returning to finish my long-awaited evaluation of Ultraman Orb the series, and a review for the film. Eventually, I will get around to Orb’s spin-offs too!


Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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