Ultraman Geed Episode 4 – A Job Where You Investigate Aliens Review

Ultraman Geed is still moving along fine, and in last week’s episode Ultraman Zero arrived. In addition, we received confirmation that Ultraman King saved the Universe from the Crisis Impact; even if that meant sacrificing his own life to do so. However, in today’s brand-new episode, we finally get to properly meet Riku’s friend Moa, an agent of AIB, and her partner, Agent Zena. With their introduction, the audience will finally get to know what the AIB Organization, even though early hints depict them as the Men in Black.



Laiha discovers Pega makes great carnations, and sells them towards their income. Pega then asks Laiha if she would care to have one, to give to someone special. However, she replies does not anyone to give it to. The group then heads off to the surface where Riku plans to buy a bike with Laiha to use when they shop. Riku then laments on how he needs a paying job like Moa, his childhood friend who is an “insurance agent”. Meanwhile, Moa is attempting to sell her company’s “insurance” to a possible customer. This revealed to be cover for being an AIB agent! The AIB searches for illegal extraterrestrials to arrest and deport from planet earth. Now, in this case Moa manages to knock herself out, forcing her mentor and partner, Zena to finish the arrest. They soon deport the criminal, who is planting an illegal plant called Lugus; the plant’s pollen can incapacitate those that breath in. Zena, an Alien Shadow, also informs Moa that the Space Garrison is now involved with the Ultraman Geed investigation, due to Zero’s arrival.

Minutes later while on a coffee break, Moa realizes she forgot to take the Lugus plant into holding. However, before she can tell Zena they are notified to go in search of a new culprit, Alien Pitt. In the meantime, Riku has purchased the wrong bike and is being scolded by Laiha. Yet, after a brief negotiation manages to keep this specific bike instead of exchanging it. The only issue is that is stole by the Alien Pitt in disguise of a young woman, who also has a Little Star. AIB shows up, and Riku gets ride with them to pursue the culprit. Moa tries to explain to Riku, that the “thief” is a culprit behind a recent car accident, and has been avoiding the legal matters behind the incident. The Alien Pitt manages to cross paths with Reito, as an Eleking appears in pursuit of the woman. Reito questions if they are getting involved, but Zero is still too weak to fight. Eventually this leads to AIB pursuing Alien Pitt on foot, and leaving Riku alone to transform to face Eleking as Ultraman Geed.

In his Primitive form, Geed manages to be in a stalemate with the Eleking. However. that is until Eleking manages to briefly paralyze him. Eleking advances towards his master due to the Little Star, and because she turned against her race that attempts to conquer earth. With AIB discovering these facts they decide to protect her, an attempt to lay a trap for the Eleking with the Lugus plant. The trap works, even though it knocks out both, Moa and Zena, but it allows Riku to transform into Solid Burning to finish the fight. Riku acquires the Hikari Ultra Capsule, and Kei appears to create an Eleking Kaiju Capsule from the remains. Days later, the Alien Pit becomes a member of AIB while Riku and Mao hangout at the new mobile, Galaxy Market. There Moa discovers Riku is living with Laiha, and becomes utterly jealous of her, believing they are an item. Moa and Laiha, proceed to face-off as Reito appears to allow Zero to introduce himself to Ultraman Geed.


My Thoughts:

Episode 4 really makes me scratch my head, and question what the hell did I just watch. It is an introductory episode for supporting characters however, it barely uses our main cast. In addition, to Moa, and Alien Shadow, Zena receiving a majority of the screen-time, the episode features an enjoyable amount of comedy. Most of the comedy seen is all due to the “a-dork-able,” Moa, portrayed by Mayu Hasegawa! Now, I have never seen anything of Hasegawa’s work due to her having a very limited filmography. However, from what the audience can gather is that Mayu Haseagawa is adorable in general, but as Moa depicted to be sexier, and to be quite the airhead. Yet, Moa will have her moments of being an intellectual coming up with ways to get herself, and others out of a situation.

Then as for Moa’s partner Alien Shadow, Zena, he is a hardboiled agent for AIB. Zena is seemingly partnered with Moa to mentor her into his position, or to be his possible successor. What is interesting about the character is that Zena is portrayed by two different actors: Hideyoshi Iwata the stunt-actor for both Orb, and Geed portrays Zena’s human guise, but Shintaro Asanuma (previously Alien Bat, and Crow Hogan of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds) provides the voice. Together the two make for an interesting pair due to when Asanuma lines are heard, Iwata never lip-syncs the dialog. It makes the performance comes off as if Zena either speaks telepathically, or as if the human guise is like suit for the alien. Thus, the overall performance stands out from how Yuta Ozawa, and Mamoru Miyano portray Zero; even if the two are made to be the different personas in one body, the on-screen performance is aesthetically the same.


What I enjoyed about this episode aside from AIB, was it proved Little Stars will link to anyone. Early on the theory was that the Little Stars would be child involvement stories however, that is not the case since this Alien Pitt’s disguise is roughly looks 20 to early 30s. Proving that anyone could be linked to a Little Stars shows the series may not be entirely kid oriented, and that each host would have drastically different backstories. In addition, to the Little Star sub-plot its host Alien Pitt, Tri-Tip, had an interesting take on nostalgia; as it is seemingly the first of its kind to turn against its own people. Thus, Tri-Tip is ordered to be executed by her own designated Eleking, which like most Eleking is treated as a pet. This leads into a rushed heartfelt moment where she pleads with Ultraman Geed to put the Eleking, as if it was pet with rabies. Furthermore, in the battle Ultraman Geed needs to rely on Solid Burning to finish the fight; this is another nod to Eleking’s debut in Ultraseven.


Now, Episode 4 is rather appealing like the last episode; it is enjoyable and throws nostalgia at the viewers. Also, it continues to build up the overall plot, and connects our cast together. Yet, there is still more that needs to be explored! In the next episode, it is a rather questionable subject since it is mostly set-up to debut Geed’s next form, Acro Smasher. The tokusatsu elements of an Ultra fighting a kaiju will be great, but I am just on sure of the episode’s actual plot…


Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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