Ultraman Geed “Special Trailer”

Late last night, Tsuburaya Productions listed on their YouTube Channel a new promotional video for the upcoming Ultra series, Ultraman Geed. The trailer opens with an almost typical slideshow narration setting up the series’ backstory. The backstory features Ultraman Belial’s fight with the Space Garrison, and the creation of the Ultra Capsules. The trailer then transitions to the present day, where Riku Asakura and his companion Alien Pegassa Pega are brought to an alien ship. There Riku finds the Ultra Capsules, and Geed Riser which allows him to transform into Ultraman Geed and confront the kaiju plaguing his world. However, unbeknownst to Riku the kaiju are being summoned by a mysterious man called Kay Fukuide, who also possesses his own Geed Riser. This Geed Riser allows him to fuse kaiju together to create stronger ones classified as Fusion Beasts. The trailer goes slightly further to reveal Geed’s additional forms such as Solid Burning and Acro Smasher. In addition, it teases more information on the supporting cast and the return of Ultraman Zero!

Now, Ultraman Geed is set to premiere on July 8th in Japan, whereas Crunchyroll has yet to confirm that the series will be joining its simulcast. Yet, one should expect Ultraman Geed to be added on Crunchyroll’s listing in the near future due to the group’s track record. Furthermore, this trailer won me over even further, as I want to pre-order the Geed Riser. I love the whole “You Go! I Go! Here We Go!” transformation phrase; it is corny but very catchy. One thing I want is another trailer to accompany this one within the next few weeks focusing on the other characters, and Zero! Maybe it could even tease Ultraman Zero Beyond, too… Never the less, we hope others enjoy this trailer and to stay tuned for further updates on Ultraman Geed!

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