Ultraman R/B “Special Movie” Trailer & Opening/ End Credits Revealed

Tsuburaya Productions recently held its live press conference for the next installment in the Ultra series, Ultraman R/B. However, the event was region blocked for most international fans trying to join the live-feed on YouTube. Following the press conference the official website updated with a recap of the event, and announcements. One of the announcements regards to series’ official theme song and end credits. The opening for Ultraman R/B is “Hands” being performed by Yoshi Oshimasa. Whereas, the ending credits will be performed by Ultraman Geed’s Suzuko Mimori entitled “Dream Flight.” Tsuburaya Productions also released on their official YouTube Channel an all-new preview trailer for the series.

The series will feature two brothersKatsumi Minato (played by Yuya Hirata) and Isami Minato (Ryosuke Koike), who suddenly encounter the threat of monsters appearing in their city. However, they discover the mysterious R/B Gyro and R/B Crystals, which allow them to transform into Ultraman Rosso and Ultraman Blu! Katsumi and Isami then decide to come together to be heroes their city, and the world needs!


Ultraman R/B is set to premiere on July 7th, and will consist of 25 episodes. The series is being directed by Ultraman Geed’s Masayoshi Takesue. In addition, the series will consist of three writers: Ultraman Orb’s Takao Nakano, Denji Sentai Megaranger’s Junki Takegami, and Satoshi Ito. Furthermore, Specialform12 provided an alternative version of the trailer movie with close captioned subtitles.


Source: M-78

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