Ultraman R/B Toy Scans Revealed

Recently scans for the next Ultraman series have surfaced online, which feature the first set of products. For those who are unaware, the next Ultraman series will be known as Ultraman R/B. The main two Ultras in the series will be named Ultraman Rosso and Ultraman Blu who are brothers that use the power of the R/B Crystals to transform.

The first set of scans feature a look at Ultraman Rosso and Blu’s transformation device, which is called the DX Rube Gyro. The gimmicks for the season are crystals that contain the power of various Ultras. The base forms for Ultraman Rosso and Blu are Rosso Flame and Blu Aquarespectively. Rosso Flame will utilize the power of the Taro Crystal (Fire) while Blu Aqua will the Ginga Crystal (Water).

The next set of scans feature a look at some of the R/B crystals.

The first wave of R/B crystals include:

  • Ultraman Rosso Aqua (Ginga Crystal)
  • Ultraman Rosso Wind (Tiga Crystal)
  • Ultraman Rosso Ground (Victory Crystal)
  • Ultraman Blu Flame (Taro Crystal)
  • Ultraman Blu Wind (Tiga Crystal)
  • Ultraman Blu Ground (Victory Crystal)
  • Ultraman Orb Dark (Orb Ring Neo and Girujyobon Crystal)

Next, it has been revealed that parts of the R/B crystals can be moved that will lead into alternate versions of forms. A special R/B crystal that features Ultraman Orb Spacium Zepellion will be a campaign bonus that will start in July.

Continuing on, there will be several other R/B crystals, which will also feature their own unique elemental powers.

The other crystals include:

  • Orb Origin Crystal
  • Zero Crystal
  • Seven Crystal
  • X Crystal

Lastly, it has been revealed that once all 11 R/B crystals are placed inside the R/B Crystal Collection Case, it will be able to summon the Ultraman Orb Origin Crystal. The R/B Crystal Collection Case will include the Ultraman Zero Beyond Crystal.


Source: Specialform12

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