Venom Coming to Blu-Ray

For my Venom fans, we have learned that our favorite Rom-Com is coming to Digital December 11th and on Blu-Ray December 18th. I know Venom is supposed to be this superhero film, but given how the fans and even Sony recognize that people viewed Venom more so as a Rom-Com between Eddie and the symbiotic. Sony Pictures Entertainment YouTube channel made a funny video highlighting that.


I do not even know what to say about Venom! This movie is currently at 822 million globally which is the biggest of any superhero origin release. Thus taking that title away from Wonder Woman which previously held it. I think everyone went into Venom thinking it would fail; no Spider-Man or any of the Marvel Cinematic Universe characters to cameo or appear to make everything connected, but Venom obviously did not need that one bit. The biggest lesson from Venom, is know your audience and that word of mouth will get people into seats. As always, let us know what you thought of Venom in the comments below.

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