Warner Bros. to Produce Live-Action “Hourman” Film

Deadline has reported that Warner Bros. is currently working on production a live-action film adaptation of Hourman. The film will be produced by Warner Bros. with the help of D.C. films. Chernin Entertainment has been brought on board as one of the producers of the film. The script will be written by Gavin Games and Neil Widener. While this will be the first film adaptation for the character, Hourman has previously been featured on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and also recently on Stargirl.

The original incarnation of the character was created by Ken Fitch and Bernard Baily. Rex Tyler aka Hourman made his debut in Adventure Comics #48, which was released in April 1940. In the comics, Rex Tyler created a new synthesis known as “Miraclo.” The substance gave him super strength and endurance, however it would only last a hour. Later in the comics his son, Rick Tyler, took the mantle and became the second Hourman.

No other details are confirmed at this time so stay tuned for details.

Source: Deadline



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