Kamen Rider Amazons Season 2 Premiere Details Revealed

Toei has announced that season 2 of Kamen Rider Amazons will soon be available on Amazon Prime Japan.  The second season will start on April 7 and a new episode will be added to the service every week lasting 13 episodes.

Amazons Season 2 is set five years after the events of the first season. Season 2 will follow a boy named Chihiro who is Kamen Rider Amazon Neo. Chihiro was raised by Lyu, a female Amazon. Lyu is an Amazon, that was created to be used as a biological weapon. Lyu is known as Kamen Rider Crows Amazon II.  

Saya Maejima portrays Chihiro, and belongs to the music group “Junon Super Boyyanzers. He also was Aya Hakusho on NHK Educational Variety.

The other cast members include:

  • Tom Fujita  – Haruka (Kamen Rider Amazon Omega)
  • Kenji Taniguchi – Jin (Kamen Rider Amazon Alpha)
  • Rena Takeda – Mizuki,
  • Ayu Higushi – Nanaha
  • Mitsutoshi Shundo – Shindo
  • Kanon Miyahara – Nozomi
  • Ryota Kobayashi – Mamoru
  • Katsuya – Misaki
  • Takako Kato – Reina Mizusawa
  • Yu Kamio -Tachibana
  • Takashi Fuji – Chairman Tenjo

The series will feature the return of Yasuko Kobayashi as script writer for the second season of the series.

Amazon Prime Japan also provided a trailer for the second season.

Source: Cinema Today


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