Ultraman Xead May Scans Revealed

Recently scans for Ultraman Xead have surfaced online, which reveals the first in show details for the next Ultraman series.

It has been revealed that the human host for Ultraman Xead is Riku Asakura who will be portrayed by Tatsuomi Hamada. For those who are unaware this 16 year old actor made his debut in Tokusatsu as Nao in Ultraman Zero – Revenge Belial.  

Riku Asakura will use the power of the Xead Riser and the Ultra Capsules similar to the original Ultraman to become Ultraman Xead. His father is non other than Ultraman Belial. 

Source: Heroshock 





2 thoughts on “Ultraman Xead May Scans Revealed”

  1. Actually, the original Ultraman isn’t Geed’s father. It’s Belial. And the Ultra Capsule don’t originally belong to anyone. I think you might’ve mixed up the translation because Geed’s main form uses the powers of the original Ultraman and Belial.


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