Tim Drake: Robin Solo Series Announced

Time Drake Robin sitting on a roof top eating a hamburger

Happy Thursday heroes we’ve learned that Tim Drake will be getting a solo ongoing series starting in September. That’s right, spinning out of Batman Urban Legends and Tim Drake Pride Special, writer Meghan Fitzmartin will continue the next chapter of Tim’s story. Artist Riley Rossmo is set to be the artist of this series. Here’s what we know about the upcoming series thanks to DC Comics official press release. The comic is called Tim Drake: Robin. This kinetic, high-energy series pulls Tim center stage as a mystery over a year…

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Tsuburaya Productions Releases Ultraman Decker “Main Story” Trailer

Recently, Tsuburaya Productions released the official trailer for the next installment within the Ultra Series, Ultraman Decker. For those unaware, this series was announced in early 2022, while an early premise trailer was presented in late March. The upcoming series is a sequel to the previous installment, Ultraman Trigger, with both shows reimagining Ultraman Tiga and Dyna. Since Ultraman Decker is reimagining Ultraman Dyna, the series takes place several years after Ultraman Trigger. However, the time between both series has not been determined, so we can assume it is more…

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