Cosplay Cafe 29: RiRiSmi Official

What’s going on heroes? Happy Friday! This week I went to the UK and interviewed RiRiSmi official. I think this is the first time I’ve ever interviewed a cosplayer based in the UK. So, it’s never too late for first. Okay, so I didn’t go to the UK but that would be cool. Anyway, get to know RiRiSmi down below and I’ll see you there.

Photography by Jahan4k

1. What were you like growing up? What were some of the things you were into as a child/teenager?

I was a very quiet and shy child. Very quiet. My friend circle was small because of this. I did, however, participate in extracurricular activities regardless of my shyness such as dance and few sports like football (soccer), hockey, netball, and athletics. I was into video games and anime from an earlier age so that was a big part of my childhood and still is to this day. My dad is heavily into comics so there is another influence right there. A lot of my friends in school into my teenage years also had similar interests.

2. Did those things influence who you’re today?

Definitely. What I spend my free time doing i.e. cosplay, conventions and travel were heavily influenced by how I grew up. I feel my life would have actually been very different if my interests weren’t what they are. I’m not an artist by trade, I’m a scientist. Scientists are however very methodical and logical human beings so cosplay is a way for me to let go of that a little where there isn’t a strict set of directions or a standard procedure.

Photography by Valentin Offner –

3. How was the ALIAS Entertainment Expo for you this year? It seemed like you had a great time.

This year was not my first year attending the event, I first attended in 2016. Honestly, both times have been magical and an eye opener for a myriad of reasons. The Executive Director of the convention is actually a good friend of mine so that’s a big reason I go, as she used to live in the UK before moving back home to Trinidad (she’s also a bomb cosplayer I’m just sayin’).

The convention itself had so much going on, so you were never bored. The Cosplay Parade through Port of Spain is always a festive experience. It really does remind you of a mini carnival. The Cosplay Ball is divine, I’ve actually taken part in the Fashion Show held at the ball both years. It’s a chance for you to dress to impress (in cosplay if you can), have some good food and enjoy some great entertainment. Another huge highlight is the Caribbean Cosplay Championship (CCC). Both years I have gone the CCC has brought out some amazing contestants, Caribbean cosplayers are a force to be reckoned with.

I highly recommend this con simply for the variety of the convention itself, the people, atmosphere and from a POC point of view as well. You’re in a place where everybody is POC, literally everybody. So how Blerdcon felt like a safe haven for POC geeks, you’ll have a similar feeling here. Trinis and Tobagonians are really friendly people. Though I’m not from Trinidad or Tobago myself, having Caribbean heritage it was just nice to be around all these people.

10/10, highly recommend. Trying to come back in 2018 for sure.


4. Do you have a favorite cosplay you’ve made?

Probably my battle armour Kida inspired by Gladzy Kei. I actually prefer armour making over sewing, sewing is a weak point for me though I’m trying to improve. The crafting of armour and painting is just my jam, and I can still improve greatly on that. Kida is also my favourite Disney Queen (yep…. she’s a Queen) and an underrated one at that. I also got a pretty overwhelming response for her, from Gladzy herself as well as a few cosplayers I look up to.

Photography by Kosupics


5. As an International cosplayer, what are some of the struggles you have to deal with when it comes to going to conventions out of your country?

I think the biggest struggle would have to be finances. I’m generally pretty good at budgeting for these things, but it’s not a cheap thing to do. I have a full time job unrelated to cosplay which funds my travel and cosplay needs but I know that’s not easy for everyone. I will say though, I can never stress enough to put your health and your bills above all else! If you know you can’t afford it, don’t go, there is always next year.

Apart from that I can only state the positives of meeting people I usually couldn’t, getting to learn about other cultures and just travel to new places.

6. Off topic, do you have a favorite food?

My grandmother’s food. Just all of it. She’s Jamaican and every single dish of hers brings me joy.


Photography by Anstellos Artist & Photographer since 1999

7. Are there any cosplayers or photographers you would like to work with?

Ah man…. Loads. It’s hard for me to gives names really. Can I just work with everybody haha? There are far too many inspirational people.

8. Is there a convention you would love to attend as a guest?

Hmmmm…. Anime Expo in California/LA would be amazing. However I don’t think I’m quite at a level to even be considered. I’ll mostly likely just attend as a regular patron as it’s a convention on my list anyway.

Photography by Rubix Lens


9. Second off topic question, what’s one thing you’re looking forward to this year?

Getting back on track with cosplay crafting. I’ve been lacking a bit this year as I’ve been feeling a little demotivated, but it’s coming back. Aside from that, I’m picking back up a language that I haven’t been focusing on the last few months due to being a bit crazy with my schedule so excited for that too.


10. Can you hint at any cosplay projects you’re working on?

You guys like ice skating and Final Fantasy? That’s all I have to say.


Photography by Carlos Adama Photography


11. What conventions can people find you at later this year?

My next big convention is MCM London Comic Con in October as that’s my local convention. It’s also held in May. Aside from that I don’t have anything planned. I’m a pretty last minute person when it comes to smaller events so I may or may not attend events such as Hyper Japan.

12. Final question, anything you want to say to your fans?

I don’t like using the word “fans” because I am in no way a celebrity and never will be. I consider every single person who supports me a friend. That fact they spend even a few seconds looking at what I do both confuses and amazes me because I personally don’t find myself that interesting. If I had anything to say, thank you for supporting me and somehow I hope I can give back with even more content in the future!

Photography by Stephanie Veronique Photography

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Links above are where you can find RiRiSmi on the Internet. It was a honor to have the chance to work with her. I don’t have much else to say except I hope to run into her at a convention again. Until the next interview, I’m still XBen3000 and I’m out!

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