D23 Expo: Marvel Studios & Lucas Films Recap

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Happy Saturday everyone! I’m going to try and keep this recap short and sweet so here we go. We will be starting off with Andor which had it’s final trailer airing this afternoon as the show is set to premiere on Disney+ September 21st with three episodes. Now, season one is set to be twelve episodes total. With season two beginning to start production sometime this month. Also clocking in at 12 episodes as well.

Continuing from there The Bad Batch S2 is set to come out January 4th, 2023. It’s set to be 16 episodes in total with a 2-episode premiere happening on January 4th.

Bad Batch characters Omega, Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, and Echo


Tales of The Jedi, which is six episodes long and will have three episodes focusing on Ahsoka. The other three will focus on Dooku in this animated series. We do have a trailer for the upcoming series and it looks pretty good. The show is set to come out on October 26 2022.


We’ve learned of an upcoming project from Star Wars which is titled Star Wars: Skeleton Crew. We don’t know much about the live-action show yet but we do know that Jude Law is set to have a role in the series.

The Skeleton Crew

Wrapping up the Lucas Films side of this post we have the first teaser trailer for the upcoming season of The Mandalorian. The show is set to release in February 2023, only on Disney +.

Kicking things off on the Marvel side of things, we got the official announcement for Werewolf by Night. The leads of this series are Gael Garcia Bernal and Laura Donnelly. The show will be a black-and-white retro horror mystery. My hopes is that we will get some foreshadowing of the supernatural side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Anyway, check out the official teaser trailer down below.

After that we got the first teaser trailer for Marvel’s Secret Invasion series. It’s set to have Samuel L Jackson to return as the original super spy Nick Fury. It seems like we’re seeing some familiar faces as well such as Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill. Along with Don Cheadle returning as James “Rhodey” Rhodes. I’m looking forward to this show the most given the tone of it being a tense thriller. Which are usually my own preferred shows but enough of me talking, check out the teaser.


Other information coming out of the Marvel Studio presentation. Armor Wars is set to take place right after Secret Invasion and will begin filming next year. Actor Ke Huy Quan has been cast in Loki season two. Kang is set to be in Loki season two as a main character and in Ant-Man & The Wasp: Quantumania. Daredevil: Born Again is set to start filming in 2023 and will have 18 episodes. Captain America: New World Order is set to have Tim Blake Nelson return as The Leader. Along with Carl Lumbly returning as Isaiah Bradley. Danny Ramirez is returning to the MCU as the new Falcon in this film as well. Finally, we had the reveal of the Thunderbolts cast.

Contessa, Ghost, Red Guardian, Black Widow, Winter Soldier, US Agent, Taskmaster

Sebastian Stan, Florence Pugh, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Hannah John-Kamen, Wyatt Russell, Olga Kurylenko and David Harbour are all set to return in the Thunderbolts film. Each playing their respective characters. I can say that this team is vastly different from the comics and I’m curious to see how they’ll pull this off. Overall, a fine showing at D23 even though I wanted to see some of the rumored casting news be confirmed or denied but can’t complain too much.

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