Frozen 2 Teaser Trailer Streamed

Disney has updated their official Youtube channel with the first teaser trailer for Frozen 2. The teaser trailer features a look at the film’s setting, which already looks quite different to what was seen in the first film. Frozen 2 will be released on November 22, 2019. 

Looking at the trailer I already think that the sequel might be better than the first film. While I did enjoy the first Frozen film, it did seem a bit lackluster compared to films like Moana or even Wreck it Ralph. The imagery was amazing, but the overall story and characters were a bit of a mixed bag in my opinion. Another issue I had with the first film is that it seemed very dark, which I get due to the snowy setting, however it did seem like it couldn’t really reach the amazing imagery like what was seen in Coco. Luckily it does seem like the sequel will be set in a Fall season so it most likely lead into brighter settings. 

Source: Walt Disney 

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