Gundam Unicorn, 00, & AGE Blu-Ray/DVD Sets Announced

At the RightStuf/Nozomi Entertainment/Sunrise panel at Nebraskon 2017, Nozomi Entertainment made good on their social media teases from earlier in the year, as they announced three new Gundam series to be released on Blu-Ray and DVD in North America in 2018! Let’s take a look at those announcements:


Mobile Suit Gundam AGE Complete Series

The Gundam Age series is releasing for the first time in North America in 2018. Both Blu-Ray and DVD collections for the series will be released. The set will include the Medi-Lan Limited English Dub much like the Gundam Build Fighters Blu-Ray sets.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Complete Series, Movie and OVA

Gundam 00 was released on DVD previously by Bandai Entertainment, now Nozomi Entertainment is bringing the series back in 2018. The complete series, the film A Wakening of the Trailblazer, as well as the Special Edition OVA (in its first NA release) will be coming to Blu-Ray and DVD. It is currently unknown at this time if there will be a special edition containing everything.


Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Complete OVA Series


The widely popular Gundam Unicorn series is getting a new release in North America for 2018. The series was previously released one volume at a time on DVD and Blu-Ray by Bandai Entertainment and then later RightStuf, however those sets were priced the same as Japanese Blu-Ray releases to the ire of many fans. Later on, four DVD collections were released for the series but never has the entire seven part OVA been released in North America in one set until now. Nozomi Entertainment will be releasing a complete Blu-Ray collection in 2018. Currently not slated to also be a DVD collection as the previous volumes are still in print, this is exciting news for those who have wanted this series on Blu-Ray without having to resort to the Japanese releases. At this time it is unknown if the TV version of the series, known as RE:0096 will see a DVD/Blu-Ray release but the chances for that happening are higher than before.


That concludes the reveals for the RightStuf/Nozomi Entertainment/Sunrise panel at Nebraskon. Further details such as release dates and pricing will be revealed at a later time so stay tuned to Hero Club for all your Gundam Blu-Ray and DVD news.


Let us know your thoughts on these releases down below. I personally am super excited to see all three of these shows being released on Blu-Ray and will be buying 00 and Unicorn despite already owning them on DVD as Nozomi Entertainment has not disappointed me yet with one of their releases.


Source: Nozomi Twitter

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